Dublin born Irish photographer Pauline Christie (nee Langan) moved to County Kerry in 2003 and has grown an extensive library of photographic images during her time spent in county commonly known as ‘The Kingdom’. Her individual style and her instinctive natural ability to seek out, find and visually capture outstanding photographic opportunities is indeed a gift. Pauline’s landscape photography pays great tribute to a county so richly steeped in naturally stunning beauty and she is proud to be able to  display them through the power of the internet on this website.

Pauline has an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communications from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, having majored in Graphic Design and Photography. After leaving college she began working as a graphic designer for a number of years for a Dublin based company and later for herself as a sole trader.

In 2002 Pauline began painting. This was no surprise to Pauline’s friends or especially to her family as both her parents were similarly inclined and her father stills currently paints. In 2005 Pauline had a successful exhibition of her painting in “The Old Market House Arts Centre” in Dungarvan in Co. Waterford.

Pauline’s true passion came to the fore once she came to live in Kerry and she lost no time in turning her attention to photography. “The Frank Lewis Gallery” in Killarney was the venue for Pauline’s first photographic exhibition and indeed it proved to be quite a success.

The inspiration that she gained from her surroundings is evident from the photo galleries on this website. As natural beauty as Pauline’s inspiration, she is assured of a lifetime’s subject matter!

Pauline’s collection will be available to buy soon on Etsy.com. Stay tuned!